Aburi Gas Automat: Cylinder Vending Machine

Aburi Gas Automat: Cylinder Vending Machine

Technology has always been a factor of change in societies. Since the beginning of time, we have been trying to develop more and new efficient ways to produce goods and to make things easier.

The LPG Market it is not an exception to this human tendency. In the last few years companies have developed new advances including composite LPG cylinders.

Distribution is key for LPG cylinder’s distributors and has represented one of the main issues for these companies. Basically, cost is the main issue, but what is included in the “cost”?

Well, there are many factors that are included in the cost that companies have when distribution takes place. When a LPG distributor needs to provide LPG cylinders to a town, just to mention a few, they need to think on: How many LPG customers do they have? Are any users without cylinders? Are the they in good condition? Where are they locate it? How often do we have to send the truck?.

All these issues can be sorted out thanks to the new Aburi Gas Automat, a new cylinder vending machine that can be situated in strategic places in order to avoid issues with the distribution.  How does it works?

In fact, it is very simple!. As simple as a chocolate vending machine. The difference is that it comes with a range of benefits, including:

  • Allowing to buy a new cylinder or swap an empty cylinder for a full one.
  • Gas Automat has 3 options for customers: to purchase cylinders without registering, registering and purchase, or exchange an empty cylinder to a full one (for this option, the client needs to be registered)
  • Every composite LPG cylinder has an RFID tag that the machine recognises
  • Gas Automat will only accept the cylinders owned by the company
  • The machine can work with different methods of payment: cards, cash or both. Moreover, it can implement a client’s card system.
  • Effective use of land with maximum sales in minimum space
  • Eradicate unnecessary logistical costs

Also, there are other factors to consider when you are thinking of implementing a cylinder vending machine within your company. The environment is one of them. By having a dispensing machine you will save CO2 emissions by reduction of fuel use by the trucks. Furthermore the RFID system will allow you to plan the distribution, costs and income.

The regularity in which the truck needs to circulate carrying the full cylinders can be scheduled in a better way thanks to the information sent by RFID technology. Saving distribution costs.

By using RFID information you will be able to plan according to the frequency of consumption how you will manage the income and expenditure of the company.

Safety is another important factor to mention, because Aburi Gas Automat can be located in safe areas for the benefit of the population.  By doing so, avoiding any unnecessary incidents. Therefore the risk of inflammation is lowered.

From a customer’s point of view this machine allows them to purchase the cylinders when they are needed, no matter what time of day.

Technology can have a positive and negative impact for humans, depending on how it is used.  However, in terms of what has been reported, there is no doubt Aburi Gas Automat is beneficial in many ways.