Berlin is ready to welcome the AEGPL Congress 2015

Berlin is ready to welcome the AEGPL Congress 2015

The European LPG Association (AEGPL) Congress 2015 is ready to be one of the events of the year for the LPG industry, bringing together European and global LPG leaders, buyers and suppliers to Europe’s biggest LPG conference and exhibition.

Held in Berlin on May 20th and 21st, it represents a global challenge for the participants to face the sector promoting the latest opportunities on the market.

About the Exhibition

Berlin seems the greatest location to welcome the Europe’s biggest LPG event. Berlin ExpoCenter City is Berlin’s main exhibition centre, located in the Charlottenburg district in the western city centre. It regularly hosts many internationally prestigious trade shows and congresses. It boasts 26 interconnected halls and several rooms suitable for all types of events.

As the President of AEGPL, Ramón de Luis Serrano, said, Germany is one of Europe’s most important LPG markets. Apart from the market size, which is significant in both the heating and transport sectors, many German companies play a leading role in operational excellence and technical innovation.

“Fuelling a Cleaner Future” is the main topic on which this year’s Congress is based, reflecting one of Europe’s most pressing issues, Air Quality, and focusing on the role that LPG can play in its improvement.

Recently, also through European media and university studies, we witness stories about the dangerous levels of pollution, particularly household air pollution, as mentioned in our previous blog post.

Indeed, in order to achieve results, all the European administrations need to work together to alleviate this problem and, however, we need scientific data and firstly a robust policy which encourages the switch to cleaner fuels. It would be essential to create engagement between the governments and the industry in order the latter one gets ready to play its part in fuelling a cleaner future.

In a time of important market changes which keeps growing globally through diverse sources or the development of new promising LPG applications and its use in the new composite cylinders, this year’s Congress will focus on the new global challenges, to figure out how they can be adapted to the LPG industry and contribute to the European economy.

The AEGPL exhibition will welcome all the companies in the LPG sector with more than 130 booths showcasing essential products, technologies and services, becoming an ideal place to meet up and do business.

However, it is reasonably believed that Berlin is one of most exciting cities in Europe, famous for its history and its vivid cultural life, but particularly for its research institutions and its innovative start-up scene.

The last AEGPL exhibition held in Germany was 25 years ago. Not only Berlin, but the whole Germany has changed since then.

Furthermore over the last two decades we have witnessed a shift in German Energy Policy: 25 years ago, oil, coal and nuclear power were Germany’s top energy sources. Nowadays, Germany  is one of the leaders in the use of new energy sources, including LPG, a clean, mobile and efficient fuel for autogas, leisure and hospitality, to mention a few.

It seems the right moment to have the AEGPL Congress in Berlin, focusing particularly on “Fuelling a Cleaner Future”. Growth and innovations are at the centre of the programme, through the presence of experts as speakers to discuss about the policy context, market developments and the new opportunities.


European LPG Association (AEGPL)  was founded in 1968 it is focus in all relevant policy and regulatory negotiations instigated by the EU institutions, the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN), and the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

AEGPL represent national LPG associations and companies from all across the Europe, whose expertise and input provides the basis for EU energy and environmental policy and technical regulations.

This association plays an important role in keeping its members informed of any policy or regulatory opportunities which may impact the industry in Europe, taking care of all the members’ interests.


Aburi Composites will be attending this promising congress and will be meeting companies in order to promote our Composite Cylinders (Generation IV) which are the latest in the market. Do not miss out this opportunity!

In order to leave back a conservative view of the LPG industry and pave the way to the new technologies and the latest innovations which the AEGPL exhibition intends to promote.