Beximco Group & Aburi Composites

Beximco Group & Aburi Composites

Aburi has been able to implement a global roll out strategy to all key stakeholders and build important relationships with the main LPG distributors. We have entered into a long-term agreement to supply >1,000,000 composite LPG cylinders in the Bangladesh market with the Beximco Group.

Beximcois one of the largest private sector industrial groups in Bangladesh. The Group has evolved from being primarily a commodities trading company to a leading, diversified group with a presence in industry sectors that account for nearly 75% of Bangladesh’s GDP. The publicly traded companies – Bangladesh Export Import Company Limited, Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited, Shinepukur Ceramics Limited and Beximco Synthetics Limited – had total revenues of >$570 million in the year ended December 31, 2014.

In recent years, Bangladesh has moved to reserve natural gas for industrial purposes, primarily power generation, with new connections to the natural gas network being restricted. This has necessitated the introduction of alternative fuel sources for domestic and light industrial purposes. The Beximco Group have pioneered the introduction of safer, lighter composite LPG cylinders to Bangladesh and have contracted Aburi to implement their cylinder procurement programme.

Since August 2016, we have been working closely with Beximco to increase the use of LPG. The introduction of composite gas cylinders represents an important contribution in helping to eradicate fuel poverty, thereby bringing considerable health, developmental and environmental benefits to this country.

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