Manufacturers of Composite LPG Cylinders

Manufacturers of Composite LPG Cylinders

It is a fact that Manufacturers of Composite LPG Cylinders have changed the entire LPG cylinder market with Generation IV Cylinders.

These cylinders are composed of a seamless anti-permeation thermoplastic liner which is fully wrapped with epoxy resin, providing an unmatched combination of high tensile strength, are lightweight, corrosion proof and UV resistant. Amongst being non explosive, translucent and environmentally friendly, these cylinders have several advantages when compared to steel LPG cylinders.

Since the mid-1990s, more than 20 million composite LPG cylinders have been sold, primarily to indoor and outdoor activities in Europe, Asia, USA and Africa Markets. It is clear this new generation of cylinder has been accepted within these markets.

Sales are growing and there is a potential for 2,5 billion steel cylinders needing to be replaced. However, there are just a few Manufacturers of Composite LPG Cylinders in the world.


It is not news that LPG distributors are resistant to change. “Why invest in a new type of cylinder when customers seem to be happy with the current type?”. Maybe due to lack of knowledge of the benefits and  advantages of using composite LPG cylinders. The fact is, most of the distributors are still using technology developed 75 years ago.

Moreover, composite LPG cylinders are a relatively new product and in many countries there is no legislation established for them. Therefore, government agencies reduce the revalidation period until composite cylinders prove they have same functionality as traditional ones.

Price can still be an issue. Not only for the LPG distributors, who usually decide their purchases based on price and not on safety, also because the demand for steel cylinders, especially cheaper quality coming from Asia, work against composites. As they are a new product and have less market demand, they are more expensive than generation II, traditional cylinders.

As the first development on composite cylinders had leaking issues and has created a concern within the LPG industry, there are traditional sectors who still think composite cylinders need to prove their value. However, it has been a long time since this issue was solved by the main manufacturers.

In other words, the combination of traditional and innovative worlds would lead to a massive change in this industry based on two fundamental pillars: the experience and the knowledge of the past industry combined with the wish to turn it around in accordance to security and safety standards and consumers’ expectations.

These brief reasons mentioned affect product demand. Therefore manufacturers of composite LPG cylinders are growing slowly, but surely.

How to choose the best manufacturer?

As mentioned Manufacturers of Composite LPG Cylinders are growing slowly. It is estimated there are around 5 in the world.

However, only three of these will have enough experience to add value to your business. From these companies, composite LPG cylinders vary in small details on specifications, including height, weight, etc

These Manufacturers of Composite LPG Cylinders will produce excellent quality composite cylinders that will warrant satisfaction and provide a real solution on the issues associated with steel LPG cylinders.

Certifications on these three companies are similar but do vary according to the locations and main markets they are focused on. Depending on the country, you will maybe find a stronger presence of one manufacturer more than the others.

So, what makes a manufacturer stand out from the other two competitors? We cannot provide the answer, but from Aburi’s experience, it is not only about selling cylinders, as some manufacturers do.

For us it is about adding value to your logistic chain. It is about getting closer to you and understanding your business needs to provide you with a customised solution. It is about being innovative and creative. That is why we focus on promoting innovation within the LPG market.