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We provide comprehensive services & solutions for composite LPG cylinders

We deliver a one-stop-shop and single-point-of-contact for the procurement, rollout and integration of composite LPG cylinders into existing distribution strategy and supply chain logistics. Read More.

Aburi supplies the widest range of high-quality composite LPG cylinders with highly competitive pricing. 

Aburi’s Technical Services division can provide comprehensive turn-key solutions to implement a local manufacturing plant in-country.

We develop a strategy for the effective implementation and rollout of composite LPG cylinders into the existing supply chain and a migration strategy for existing clients. 

Aburi works with Distributors to implement RFID technology into existing supply chain logistics, to build increased efficiencies and market data collection. 

Aburi can help to secure highly competitive project financing for manufacturing plant development via our long-established experience with and connections with UK government funding mechanisms.

We develop highly effective marketing promotions and campaigns to build awareness and educate their clients on the significant benefits of Composite LPG Cylinders.

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Aburi Composites supplies the widest range of ‘Type IV’ composite LPG cylinders, to meet the requirements of forward-thinking LPG Distributors around the world. Composites offer a lighter, stronger and above all, safer solution to LPG distribution – with potential to increase your sales, revenue and even the usage of LPG.

The latest generation of composite LPG cylinders are made of helically woven fibres, combined with resin, providing unique characteristics including being lightweight, non explosive, translucent and non corrosive. 

Aburi composite LPG cylinders are systematically tested by international institutions and are certificated with European and International standards and regulations.


"To seamlessly integrate Composite LPG Cylinders into existing supply-chain logistics and to tangibly improve the customer experience of cylinder supplied gas"

About Aburi Composites

Aburi is a leading supplier of ‘Type IV’ composite LPG cylinders, supporting technology and manufacturing solutions – and one of the most trusted names in this niche segment of the LPG distribution industry.
We currently supply more than one million composite LPG cylinders a year from our offices in the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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Aburi Composites is proud to work with many of the world's forward-thinking LPG distributors and composite cylinder industry experts, who, just like us, place their customer satisfaction and safety, at the very heart of their organisations. We are honored to have received the below testimonials.

Aburi Composites was able to provide us with an end to end solution that met our exact needs. We are very impressed with the lightweight cylinders and its performance.
Coroline Grey
Head of LPG
We are very impressed with Aburi. They provided a great migration strategy on steel cylinders replacement, not only meeting our needs but also our customers' expectations
Scott Bowers
General Manager
Lightness is not the only advantage gained by using Aburi LPG cylinders. Our company saved money by reducing maintenance and logistical costs.
Stefania Bellucci
Direttore di GLP
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