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Within the LPG composite cylinder market

Aburi offers comprehensive solutions to all your composite cylinder requirements. 

Our story

About us

Aburi Composites is a leading supplier of composite LPG cylinders, supporting technology and manufacturing solutions – and one of the most trusted names in the niche composites cylinder segment of the gas distribution industry.

Since our beginning, Aburi has developed a strong reputation for delivering on our promises and regularly exceeding client expectations in terms of service excellence, pricing, performance and quality.

Aburi is headquartered in Mayfair, London in the United Kingdom, but also has offices and representatives in Germany, Norway, UAE, KSA, Nigeria, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Our Unique Approach

Aburi brings a unique and professional approach to the composite LPG cylinder market – offering comprehensive solutions to all your composite cylinder requirements. Our consultants and relationship managers, will work with your organisation to effectively integrate composite cylinders into your existing supply-chain logistics – with the intention to add significant value to your market share, customer satisfaction and new revenue generation.

Our Worldwide Presence & Experience

Aburi Composites supplies more than one million composite cylinders a year from our locations in the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.  Specifically within South East Asia, we have co-established the world’s largest composite LPG cylinder market.

The Aburi Technical Services team are leading the design and development of some of the world’s most technologically advanced and automated composite cylinder manufacturing plants with projects in South East Asia, West Africa and the Middle East.

Building Relationships

Aburi Composites is committed to establishing long term and mutually beneficial relationships with our valued clients, that are built on proven performance, transparency and professional integrity. We add value throughout the supply-chain, working in partnership with our clients, rather than simply as a supplier.

To new and prospective clients, we look forward to welcoming you to Aburi Composites and to demonstrating the significant benefits of lighter, stronger and safer composite LPG cylinders.

Our Vision & Mission

Chairman’s Message

Aburi Composites was founded with a clear vision – to bring high-quality composite LPG cylinders to the world.  This is the inspiration behind our tirelessly promotion of the significant benefits of composite cylinders to an increasingly receptive global audience.

Composite LPG cylinders offer a non-explosive, non-corrosive, lighter, stronger and safer solution for domestic LPG distribution.  We work with forward thinking LPG Distributors, to implement composite cylinder procurement programs, that not only secure their competitive advantage, reduce their logistic and maintenance costs, increase their market share and long-term profitability – but also have the priceless benefit of improving the safety and well-being of their valued customers and employees.

Aburi is proud to have co-developed with our partners, the world’s largest composite LPG cylinder market in South East Asia.  Looking forward, we’ll continue our positive disruption of the LPG cylinder market, increasing the awareness, demand and usage of composite cylinders across the world.  We offer LPG Distributors a proven pathway to effectively implement composite cylinders into their distribution strategy and supply-chain logistics.

There is a growing awareness that composite cylinders are the future of gas delivery worldwide – as such, I invite you to contact Aburi Composites today.

Meet the Team

Aburi has assembled a team of highly skilled industry professionals with a wealth of experience in composite cylinder supply and manufacturing – as well as significant commercial and business acumen within consultancy, trade finance, sales, marketing and customer care.


Picture of Sunil Datt Pathak

Sunil Datt Pathak

Group Chairman
Aburi Limited

Picture of Guy Alan Sadler

Guy Alan Sadler

Chief Executive
Aburi International

Picture of Mervyn Fernandes

Mervyn Fernandes

Trade Finance & Africa Region

Picture of Yash Pal

Yash Pal

Trade Logistics & Administration

Picture of Kieran Gaughan

Kieran Gaughan

Non-Executive Director
Aburi Capital Investments

Picture of Ravi Pathak

Ravi Pathak

Associate Director
Business Development

Picture of Emilie Peterson

Emilie Peterson

Human Resources

Picture of Ajay Pathak

Ajay Pathak

Corporate Services

ABURI technical services

Picture of Oyvind Hamre

Oyvind Hamre

Executive Board Member
Aburi Technical Services

Picture of Mihovil Zmar

Mihovil Zmar

Project Director
Aburi Technical Services


ABURI International Companies & Agencies

Picture of Majid Alghaslan

Majid Alghaslan

Aburi FrontEnd (KSA)

Picture of Salem Alameri

Salem Alameri

Aburi Middle East Gas (UAE)

Picture of Tanja Albus Eck

Tanja Albus Eck

Sales Director
Germany & Western Europe

Picture of Yazdi Bankwala

Yazdi Bankwala

Associate Director
South East Asia

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