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Aburi offers a comprehensive range of products, services and technology for the supply of composite LPG cylinders and manufacturing solutions. We deliver a one-stop-shop and single-point-of-contact for the procurement, rollout and integration of composite LPG cylinders into existing distribution strategy and supply chain logistics.

Cylinder Supply

Aburi supplies the widest range of high-quality composite LPG cylinders with highly competitive pricing and terms – as well as significant added-value options for Gas Distributors. Aburi can meet virtually every composite cylinder requirement in terms of quantity, sizes, branding, colour and design. Our international trade finance desk can provide unparalleled support for your importation requirements, to make the process as seamless and efficient as possible. Aburi offers comprehensive cylinder procurement solutions that are based on our long term successful relationships.

Manufacturing Solutions

For LPG distributors, industrialists or investors seeking to enter the manufacturing space, Aburi’s Technical Services division can provide comprehensive turn-key solutions to implement a local manufacturing plant in-country. The benefits of this can be significant and range from reducing ongoing cost of cylinder supply, to stimulating the local economy via increased employment, investment and US Dollar export revenues. Aburi can also provide off-take commitments for any excess production into our global client base. In oil producing countries, such a manufacturing solution provides an opportunity to utilise local raw materials and increase the “buck-per-barrel” from oil production – as 90% of the inputs for composite LPG cylinder production are oil derivatives.

Other services

Aburi’s consultancy team will work with distributors to plan and develop a strategy for the effective implementation and rollout of composite LPG cylinders into the existing supply chain and a migration strategy for existing clients, which will meet the target milestones and timelines of the distributor or regulatory authority. Our scope of work can cover the full journey for the distributor, from initial concept through to the procurement, customer communications, rollout and migration stages.

Aburi works with distributors to implement RFID technology into existing supply chain logistics, to build increased efficiencies and market data collection. We’re committed to offering our clients the latest technological advancements in the support of composite LPG cylinders. Aburi also supplies high-tech cylinder distribution kiosks – with the Aburi Automat, giving distributors a fully automated cylinder vending machine, open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Aburi Automat is ideal for servicing remote areas, automatically signalling when it needs refilling to avoid unnecessary journeys. It can be configured to accept a variety of cylinder sizes, payment options and customer loyalty schemes. Automat offers a cost-effective distribution solution and a very efficient use of limited real estate.

Aburi is driven to provide a competitive edge in an increasingly complex and interconnected marketplace. The growing demand for financed projects globally provides ever-changing requirements in the financial world. Aburi’s team can help to secure highly competitive project financing for manufacturing plant development via our long-established experience and connections with UK government funding mechanisms such as UK Export Finance and international investment banks – (subject to borrower status and approval).

Aburi can offer attractive diverse financial products and services to fit the needs of our valued clients. Multi-sourced financing options, including export and agency finance, government financing support, structured trade and commodity finance to include confirmation, discounting and UPAS Letters of Credit, bank guarantees, bills for collection, trade credit and political risk insurance to ensure trustworthy secure transactions. 

Such ‘lower-cost’ financing solutions can significantly increase the viability of a development project and Aburi’s team offers significant experience in international banking and finance.

Aburi can work with distributors to develop highly effective marketing promotions and campaigns to build awareness and educate their clients on the significant benefits of composite LPG cylinders – and to increase client’s usage of cylinder delivered LPG. Aburi delivers “country specific” marketing strategies and campaigns to meet target objectives and timeframes of distributors.

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